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Hakametsä Sport Campus will become an international and innovative ecosystem of elite sports, exercise and wellness where everything is levelled up – and better than anywhere else. In the future, the area will provide a unique setting for businesses and innovations.

Hakametsä invests
in the future

Sport Campus will provide operators a chance to find themselves at the centre of events. The rapidly regenerating Kaleva and Hakametsä areas provide unique visibility for businesses, large customer flows and a wide range of target groups. The project supports the City of Tampere growth strategy and goals along a public transport route and invests in mobility, pastimes, and wellness. Soon, all people will be keen on arriving in Hakametsä, ranging from children to old people and from beginners to elite athletes.

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The levelling up of Hakametsä Sport Campus continued in the co-creation phase headed by our partner, Ideascout, which is an innovation company. This phase consisted of three events where the ecosystem, business activities and services for the area are planned together with businesses and other parties that are interested in the business flows and production of future services at the campus.

Dates and themes of the co-creation events:
13 December 2022 at 9–14 What kind of ecosystem will be created at the campus?
24 January 2023 at 9–12 Services. What kind of services will be needed at the campus? How can the services support one another?
14 March 2023 at 9–12 Business activities. What kind of business activities will it be possible to carry out at the campus?



The plans include

the concept presentation

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    Hybrid block in figures

    50 000 kemGEA overall scope

    12 000 m²of versatile exercise and sports facilities

    2 400spectators at the indoor arena

    8 500 m²of business and operating premises

    4 000 m²of teaching and education facilities

    150short-term/student flats

    Hakajäät centre in figures

    3 000 spectators at the main arena

    4 000 m²of business and service facilities

    2 000 m²of auxiliary training spaces

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    the local detailed plan

    Look to the future: what will be built and where, and how will a modern and versatile setting be created for elite sports, research and development, as well as for businesses in the field?

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